Coupon Programs

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  • Manufacturer and Retail Coupons
    Looking to increase sales? We can help you develop a coupon program that make sense and fits within your budget. We too, can provide the legal terms and bar code to help make your program successful. Choose between mail-in rebate or instant redemption coupon offers.
  • Creative Service Process
    Creating a professionally design coupon is easy. We are well versed in managing your terms and objectives and we can help you determine the best placement vehicle i.e., on-line coupons or in-store printed coupons such as, bottlenecker, tear pads, on pack sticky coupons, P.O.S. coupons, or other custom collateral to meet your needs.
  • Coupon Creation
    In less than 72 hours, in most cases, we can furnish your creative proof and legal copy. Next is your approval and your program is set in motion.
  • Coupon Redemption
    As your clearing house, we have the ability to receive, process and redeem supplier or retailer MIR or IRC coupons. We are your full service solution when needed or just ask about our clearing house details.
  • Coupon Payment
    As the clearing house eliminate hassles surrounding the redemptions and payment process. Rather than being inundated with daily retailer invoices, we provide a monthly consolidated billing system.
  • Coupon Program Statistics
    ROI is KING and we give you what you need to see your success! See coupon redemption percentage, budget vs. variance report and cumulative age report just to name a few.
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